Counselling & Coaching Success Stories

" A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" LAO-TZU

“Christina has helped me immensely through some very difficult periods in my life. I find her to be very caring, supportive and insightful. She has helped me gain a better awareness of my situation which enabled me to come to terms with those difficulties.

We continue working together to find ways that I can have a more satisfying and fulfilled life. I recommend Christina to anyone who is seeking guidance, and who wants to get the best from their life."

/// Diana, SA

“Christina helped us rediscover how to communicate with one another in a caring and effective way. Christina reassured us that the issues we were experiencing in our relationship were not abnormal, and helped us listen to each others needs and feelings without judgement.

We are both so grateful for Christina's open, thoughtful and relaxed approach to helping us improve our relationship."

/// Ross & Stella, Plympton

"Christina is someone I can talk to about everything and anything. I've never had this before. Christina is encouraging me to explore and utilize a strength within me that I didn't know I had. I am on a journey. I am learning so much about myself and feeling more comfortable and confident in who I am.
I am making better, more informed decisions concerning my life. I am getting some help with some problems I have.

I feel happier. Years ago I had specific counselling in regard to a marriage break up but this is different. I have been helped through the aftermath of brain cancer, subsequent scares, weight gain associated with that- and feelings of being out of control - and wondering what was wrong with me. Christina is guiding me in relation to an alcoholic partner and his behaviour, and so so much more.

I recommend and encourage anyone looking for some help and guidance, to see Christina and let her lead you to a better place. I have found the strength again which i thought was gone forever."

/// Ros, Adelaide