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In my past, I have been known to be anything but calm.   I had mastered the art of doing and achieving at least three things at once- something that society views as acceptable even deemed in high regard.  The cost of doing this though, is that you miss the little things… the conversation that needed your full attention, or the look that your child gives you wanting assurance or recognition.  This does not make for a joyous person, and it was not working for me.

I spent a week attending a mindfulness meditation retreat.  It was just what the doctor ordered. I was completely removed from my day-to-day pressures, the surroundings were absolutely amazing and serene.  Kangaroos ran freely, there was even a beautiful labyrinth on the property. Visually and mentally, it was pure bliss.  Having someone prepare meals, not having to think about who has to be where, what needs to be done,  or worrying about time schedules.   It felt like I had moved to another part of the world.

I found it easy to be able to meditate and be present when I did not have any distractions. Children, work, phones and deadlines.

I was dreading that my time was coming to an end,  it was not that I didn’t want to come home… I love being home and the life that I have created.  It was more that I had now seen another way.  I am very much a realist and very practical so l also understood that I couldn’t spend my entire life in a retreat.

It got me thinking- how could I take some of this new found peace and mindfulness, and bring it back home with me to incorporate in to my real life.

What I did to become more mindful at home;  

I stepped in to the present moment.  I began with simple things like focusing on my actions and sensations when washing dishes, eating food, driving my car, and walking barefoot at the beach.

-Being kind to myself

-Gave myself permission to stop and take a breather

-Learned to be less judgmental of myself and others

-Practised the art of watching my thoughts come and go
without my mind getting bored and interfering

-Downloaded a meditation app- and began a small practice nightly.

-Joined a yoga class and attend weekly.

Like anything, it’s little bits every day that will make the big difference.












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