Bringing peace and mindfulness home.

    In my past, I have been known to be anything but calm.   I had mastered the art of doing and achieving at least three things at once- something that society views as acceptable even deemed in high regard.  The cost of doing this though, is that you miss the little things… the […]

The Drama Triangle

The Drama Triangle, created by psychotherapaist Stephen Kapman, is a model of dysfunctional social interaction. Each point on the triangle represents a common and ineffective response to conflict, one more likely to prolong disharmony than to end it.  Participants in a drama triangle create misery for themselves and others. The goal is to transform this […]


“Welcome or not, change is unavoidable. Life itself is change.” – James O. Prochaska Can a person change? A leopard never changes its spots… it has been so painful so horrible. Can it really happen? I think that what we are really asking: is there a different way? Let’s sidestep for a moment and consider […]

Stories to tell

We are brought to every moment in our life through our individual stories. By sharing our stories, we better connect with each other. Through stronger connections, we build stronger relationships with ourselves and each other and ultimately communities. Sometimes, there are moments that seem to change the course of our life and my journey towards […]