“Welcome or not, change is unavoidable. Life itself is change.” – James O. Prochaska
Can a person change? A leopard never changes its spots… it has been so painful so horrible. Can it really happen?

I think that what we are really asking: is there a different way?

Let’s sidestep for a moment and consider the changing seasons. Without much thought, winter’s woolens in storage will be replaced by summer’s cottons. It’s a change that we expect and accommodate. However, when it comes to ourselves and others, we apply a different measuring stick: we struggle to accept that people can change.

Times that call for change can be terrifying; sometimes it feels as though the world is tumbling around you and this in itself can make you feel as though you are isolated and alone. Yet there is always someone to support you on this very important road, be that a friend, a support group, or finding the right counselor.

Together you can educate yourself about yourself. Understand what holds you back. Discover a way to feel alive.

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Christina Ramo

Whether you're experiencing personal or relationship issues or yearn for a more successful professional life, Christina Ramo can help. Christina is a qualified counsellor who will empower you with the tools to be who and where you want to be.

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